Instructions for preparing hides for shipment or delivery

  • Remove heavy lumps of fat before salting.
  • Remove heads, legs, and tails. Split all legs and trim them off above the knee. Split neck open.
  • Salt the hide. Use granular salt, not rock or pickling salt. Use 7-9 lbs. on deerskin, 12-15 lbs. on elk hide.
  • Stack the skins to cure. Salt draws moisture out of the skin. Stack the skins hair side down and raised off the floor on boards or something similar. In 10-15 days they will be ready to ship.
  • Do not air dry the skins as with furs! Cracks will develop when folded and this will produce a less-than-desirable product. Avoid allowing salted skins to overdry.


  • A garbage bag containing the rolled, salted hides can be packed in a box. This is the ideal method. Send name, street address, and telephone number with the skins.

All deerskins will be colored in "Acorn".